Our Projects

The Girl Code

The Girl Code is a digital inclusion project that teaches digital literacy and encourages young women to take up careers in the tech. This is done through as set of programs that encourage young women to think like designers and focuses on the growing information technology field. This includes computer programming and app development.

The Girl Code is an effort to bridge the gap between men and women in technology and tech education.
It also puts emphasis on tech-prenuership as a possible avenue for young women who are still building careers. ​

Project Safe Zw

This is program that raises awareness on sexual violence and also uses ICTs to promote girls’ and young women’s safety in private and public spaces

Projectsafe.ZW endeavours to build platforms where young women can access inform, convene digital dialogues and also advocate against sexual violence.

Person Analyze

PersonAnalyse is a set of media projects aimed at increasing young women's awareness of the scope and power of the media and the effects of media messages on girls and young women.

Young women are taught to analyze what they see and hear in the media and to link the political and current affairs issues to their personal reality.
As girls create media that is more realistic and reflective of their lives, they learn about careers and the positive use of media. As they also learn to consume media and process information they figure out ways of participating in processes in ways that facilitate change for them and their communities rather than passively validating processes that are divorced from them. ​ ​

Zambuko Hub

A one-stop creative hub for women located at a shopping centre in Harare’s southern suburbs. The hub serves women from less privileged communities since most are in this locality. It is a holistic approach towards building the capacity of women to create, innovate and collaborate for success.

Zambuko Hub is an eco-system which provides a full range of support services in one convenient location to help the women succeed in building innovative and sustainable business. It brings together the concepts of incubation, acceleration and co-working.
The hub provides a training, networking and mentorship platform for women whose growth is hampered by lack of access to facilities, formal training and networks. ​

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